Scary Maze Game for iPad

If you will look for a scary game to challenge and prank your friends, there are a lot of scary games you will find online. One of the best games to give your friends goose-bumps is the Scary Maze Game. And if your friends are using Apple devices, they can download the game for free in the App Store.

The Scary Maze Game app is like a collection of Scary Maze games previously released. When you download it, it is like downloading several games in just one app. You can download it for your iOS devices free of charge. And it is available not only for your iOS phone but also for iPad.

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When you play Scary Maze Game for iPad, only the first level is unlocked. To unlock the succeeding levels, you must collect the corresponding number of stars to unlock a level. You can find and collect stars along the mazes as you play. However, stars will only be counted when you finish the level. Each level in the app is equal to one Scary Maze game.

In playing Scary Maze Game, you must remember one absolute rule. And that rule is to never ever touch the walls of the maze. It is fatal to touch the walls of the maze. You will have to restart the whole level again if you accidentally or deliberately touch the walls of the maze. And hold on to your device for you might get the scariest surprise of your life when you touch the walls of the maze.

In playing the app, you will surely be challenged. Some of your skills will be tested and enhanced. Your hand and eye coordination will be put into test for one. You need to see to it that you will not bump into the wall as you cross the mazes. As you level up, crossing the maze gets harder. The road of the maze gets narrower and turns increases. Your patience will also be increased. The game is not that easy as it looks but not impossibly hard. And you must also be fully concentrated when you play the game, else you will not be able to finish it.

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Have you ever wonder how brave you could be? Are you ready for some horrific surprises? Play Scary Maze games and prank your friends by sharing them the game.


Scary Maze game is one of the renowned horror games you can play online. It will really give you the surprise of your life. If you are up for fun and shocking matters, this is the perfect game for you. And if you want to prank your friends, simply share them this game.

Playing Scary Maze game gives some benefits too. Aside from having fun and experiencing some shocks, it will also enhance your skills. The game tests your hand and eye coordination. It will also enhance your concentration ability. You will have to cross each maze carefully. Bear in mind that you must not touch the walls of the maze. The game is over once you touch the wall. And if you are lucky enough, you might get the surprise you are anticipating.

Scary Maze games are usually composed of three levels and another bonus level if ever you get through the first three levels. The first maze is wide, giving you a wide space to get through to the end. But as you level up, mazes get narrower. That makes the crossing hard without touching the wall. The game will be over if you touch the wall, deliberately or accidentally. Then you will have to start all over again.

The Scary Maze game is best played when lights are off and the room is dark. Then shoot up the volume of your speakers so that the sound effects are at its best. Share the game with others and prank your friends. Just take note that Scary Maze games are not for people who has weak hearts or heart conditions.

earn to die part 3 unblocked

Zombies have been popular characters in movies, videos, television shows, books and gaming world. They look like human corpse characters which are living yet no mental capacity at all. Just the mere looks of zombies are scary enough, what more if you were to be eaten by them or to be turned into one of them if they scratched or bit you.

One of the most popular zombie games you will find online is the Earn to Die game series. The story began when the zombie apocalypse reached your hometown. Being one of the survivors, you looked for a place where you can stay and be safe. Seeing a helicopter from a not so far place, you needed a vehicle to get there. But to finally get to the helicopter, you will need three fully upgraded vehicles. Only the third one can reach the end.

In Earn to Die 2012, it was shown that you were able to get to the helicopter. Unfortunately, the zombies had taken down the helicopter. Looking again for a place to go, you got a map that leads to a military base but you have to pass through Dessert Dash. So in this new version, you will be heading to a military base called Exodus.

In earn to die 3 new version, the game started from where the previous earn to die left off. Like in all Earn to Die series, you will need three vehicles to reach the safe haven. From the first vehicle, you will need to upgrade it at the end of the day so it could reach farther distance on the next run. Every run is equal to a day. You will earn cash each time you run depending on how many zombies you have killed and how far you have reached. The upgrades you have made in one vehicle do not carry over to the next vehicle.

Earn To Die 3 (3)

Your first vehicle in earn to die 3 new version is the fire engine truck. You will unlock the red truck when you finish the first level of the game. And you will unlock the military transport when you finish the second level of the game. Play earn to die 3 new version for free.

Defend the world in Red Ball 6

Red Ball game series is one of the most popular online games nowadays. This is very simple game. You will just guide the red ball in its expedition until it gets to the end of the level. Do not be over confident because it is not an easy journey. You will be facing a lot of obstacles on your way and you will encounter some troubles too on how to get through on the way. Aside from the colorful graphics, the storyline of each chapter will surely catch your interest.


In the sixth episode, Red Ball 6 is the continuance and the third and final tome of Red Ball 4. Red Ball 6 offers new enemies, new obstacles, new levels and new achievements. Your ultimate goal is to guide the ball to the end of every level. You also include in your goal on how to stop the Big Boss of the bad black squares from changing the world into a big black square. Lead the ball as he goes through a scary factory where the red balls are being turned into red squares. Help him to save the world. You can go on by rolling and jumping your way through the different kinds of obstacles along your journey. Red Ball 6 has fifteen levels to complete. You will be encountering the big boss on the last level. That might be a hard battle but you must to defeat him to finish the game.

You can check the achievements you have already accomplished and what else to accomplish in the Achievements room. You can find that at the bottom of the level select menu. There are sixteen Achievements to complete. The most difficult and the most challenging achievement to accomplish is the Diamond Cup. You can accomplish it by completing all the fifteen achievements.

As you go on your expedition, don’t forget to collect the stars along you way to get some perfect score. Do it carefully because there are too many obstacles and make sure not to get in touch with the black squares. But you can kill them by jumping on them. Make sure to keep your distance away from the lasers. Take an extra care in jumping between platforms, if you fall, you will surely die.

Play and enjoy Vex games

You will find lots of skill games over the internet. Some are free to play but some require payment or donations. Some will also let you play the first few levels as a trial and then offer you the full version for a fee. Some games will ask you to create an account and log in first before you can play them. If you do not feel doing any of these conditions, look for skill games that you can play totally for free. One of these skill games which are free to play in its entirety is the Vex game series.

In the Vex games, you play as the stick figure which is on the go for the adventure of his life. You will be running, jumping, climbing, swimming and sliding as you head towards the end of the level or Acts as they are called in the game. You will also do lots of acrobatic acts while avoiding the deadly obstacles scattered all over your way. Make sure not to get in touch with those deadly obstacles, even the smallest contact will kill you right away. You will be passing checkpoints too as you proceed to the exit door. In case you die, you will continue from the last checkpoint you have passed.


All Vex games begin with a Tutorial stage. It is like a warm up stage; you get a grip on the controls of the game and familiarize yourself with the flow of the game. In the first installment, there are eight Acts to survive then a Credit stage. In the second installment, there are nine Acts to get through. And the third installment is the longest one and said to be the hardest too. Aside from the ten Acts to bear, there are additional nine Challenges to endure.

Every sequel has its own improvements and added features. In the second sequel, aside from new obstacles, an Achievements room was incorporated. There are twenty nine Achievements to complete while playing. Each Achievement becomes harder to get as you collect them. In the third sequel, the Achievements room was abolished and a new Trophies rooms was integrated. There are forty trophies to collect. And like in the Achievements, the higher the trophy, the harder it is to claim.

Win first place in Duck Life 2

If you are looking for a game where you can spend your leisure time, and you are fond of teaching pets, then Duck Life 2 would be a perfect game for you. You will train your duckling in four main skills: running, flying, swimming and climbing. And all those hassles for racing and joining the World Championship.


In the first Duck Life, the farmer who lost his farm due to a tornado was left with only a duck egg. When the egg hatched, he thought of training the duckling for the purpose of joining races and tournaments. In case he wins, he will use the loots to reestablish his farm. He trained the duckling in three skills back then: running, flying and swimming. His perseverance paid off, he won more than the amount he needed for the reconstruction of his farm. But as racing is addicting, he did not stop right there. Join him in training a new duckling in Duck Life 2.

Start training your duckling and win races bagging the first place. In running, you will jump over rolling objects. In flying, you will have to avoid hitting into rocks. In swimming, you will have to get over obstacles and you should not be left off the screen. In climbing, try not to be caught on the ledges and do not fall off the screen. And in all these trainings, try to collect all the coins. In the Main Menu, you should also feed your duckling to increase energy level. There are two kinds of seeds: the yellow seed and the purple seed. The yellow seed will increase your energy level and costs one dollar. The purple seed increases your energy by three but costs fifteen dollars.

Take note that in Duck Life 2, you have a Max Level. This means it is the highest level you can attain in each skill no matter how much you train. To increase this, you will have to pay fifty dollars for a ten-point increase. However, no matter how much you have, there is a maximum increase you can buy. Bag the first place of each race to win not only cash and unlock accessories but also increase in Max Level purchases.

Play online Strike Force Heroes 2

If you are into shooting games, you should not miss playing Strike Force Heroes 2. You will not only love its great graphics, you will also enjoy every level of the game. However, this game will not load on too slow computers due to the high quality graphics.

Your mission in Strike Force Heroes 2 is simple, to shoot and kill enemies. There are three game modes to play: the Campaign, Challenges and Custom Game. There are fifteen missions to complete in Campaign Mode, the first being the Tutorial. You unlock one after the other. And you can always go back to a previous Mission. There are three difficulty levels for each Mission: Normal, Hard and Insane. Challenge yourself to play all difficulties. After you have completed a mission, you can customize your soldier as to appearance, skill and killstreak.


There are five classes of soldiers to choose from: the Engineer, the Mercenary, the General, the Juggernaut and the Sniper. Each class has its own characteristics and weapons. Your soldier needs to kill a certain number of enemies to advance. The more advanced your soldier is, the more sophisticated his skills and weapons are. Killing enemies earn you cash too which you can spend in the Shop. You can also buy weapons and other tools in the shop. You can find the shop in the Soldiers Menu. In the Shop, you can also play the Slot Machine for a certain amount of cash. Depending on your luck, you could win special weapons and Camos.

The Challenge Mode is like an advance level of the Campaign Mode. It is a lot harder than the Campaign Missions and has more actions and shootings. It also has fifteen Missions, playable in three difficulty levels. See for yourself if you can survive in all Missions and in all difficulty levels. In the Custom Game, you can choose your game mode then customize the game as you wish. It is a multiplayer mode where at least two players will play. There are seven game modes to choose from: Deathmatch, One Man Army, Gun Game, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination and Team Gun Game.

Strike Force Heroes 2 is an addicting and challenging shooting war-like game you will surely enjoy for hours and hours.

Be fast and efficient with your movements in Ignition 2 Game

Do you have an idea what Ignition 2 Game is? Does it involve a movie, a television series or a flash game? If your answer pertains to the last option, then you are completely correct. This is indeed an example of a flash game. But if you think that it has something to do with racing with other competitors, you are incorrect. Ignition 2 Game is a game of speed and precision. This is created by Peter Polack and has been giving great and tremendous entertainment for quite some time already.

The mission of the players is to guide and control the black car towards the square in each level. The most difficult part of this game is the time and life limit which are represented by colored bars which you can see at the top right part of the game screen. In order to win in this game, you must be able to show great controlling and guiding skills.


Make your fashion statement in Fashion Solitaire

If you are fond with playing cards and you love fashion, play the game Fashion Solitaire. You will fully dress up with style the models with the ones on the cards. Give them hairstyles, shoes and accessories too. Hit the Done button at the model’s feet when she is fully dressed so the next model will show up. You can play the trial version for free on sites that offer free gaming or download a free trial or you can buy the full version for a fee.


The trial version only gives you one level while the full version offers more levels, more features and even better graphics. And if you get the full version, you can also take photos of your models outfits which you can send to your friends. You can also choose from hundreds of new fashions from the clothing catalog.

Defend your treasures in Raft Wars Unblocked

A life of a child suddenly turns around after discovering a huge amount of treasure on an island in Raft Wars Unblocked. The news spread like wildfire and people across the world wants a piece of the riches, Simon finds himself in trouble and calls on to his brother for some back up. Together they will fight against pirates and all treasure hunter wannabees to protect what is rightfully theirs. Help them fight and you might have a taste of the brother’s treasure.

The goal of the game is to drain the enemy’s health bar by hitting them, or pushing them off their ship before they do that to the kids. The choice of weapon for the brothers is tennis ball firing guns and you have to help them aim and fire it to the enemy. Raft Wars Unblocked is a turned based system, one character per team will fire each turn, usually the ones in the front fires first. After being eliminated, the next one on his back will be firing against the enemy until all players in the opposing team is eliminated. Each shot can be controlled from the place the one who is firing is standing on. The power and the angle is controlled through the mouse, left click to fire once you got the right combination of both. You cannot see where the ball will be landing and where are the enemies. You have to remember how you fired the last shot and adjust it depending on what would hit. There are ammunitions that can be bought like grenades and rockets, although they are a bit pricey, they deliver more damage to the enemy. Aside from ammunition, the raft is the only thing where will you be spending money. After a few upgrades to the raft, you will have access to the third character which is a great help if you have a lot of enemies.

Raft Wars 3 (2)

Raft Wars Unblocked is a strategy action game which requires focus and memory. Try out the game at and start sinking enemies to the ocean floor.