Monthly Archives: May 2015

Control your movements in Flappy Bird 3D

Share this:Who does not know Flappy Bird? Certainly, the bird that made millions of people had gone wild. And, if you enjoyed playing Flappy bird in your mobile device, you will definitely love this new popular Flappy Bird 3D! Yes, it is now in 3D, and it is more exciting now because of its three dimensional perception. You will feel… (more…)

Good looking image in Club Penguin

Share this:This game Club Penguin is a great title that can be played by many people at the same time. It doesn’t mean that you can’t play it alone, you can play with your computer actually. In fact, it is a series which has many titles under itself and all of them are very interesting and enjoyable. The author of… (more…)

Guide worms in Effing worms 2

Share this:Love to see the worms that wish to eat people? If yes, then get ready to feel the difference in the world of online games. Effing worms 2, which is the 2nd part of Effing worms series, is back with a new style of worms. These are more deadly than before now. The player will have to grow the… (more…)

Shoot and aim in Ricochet Kills 4

Share this:What do you remember when you hear the word ricochet? Bullets? Shooting? Guns? Well then, you’re on point because the awesome game Ricochet Kills 4 is most definitely a shooting game. The fourth installment of the fun game proves to be a worthy installment to the game series. Like the previous versions of the game, in Ricochet Kills 4,… (more…)

Be the best racer in Slide Racing!

Share this:Car racing games are very fun! They give you that adrenaline rush that makes your body tingle and burn in excitement. Another car racing game hits town to give you this amazing experience. Slide Racing is definitely a must play for all racing enthusiasts out there. With a great gameplay, an amazing storyline and very easy controls, Slide Racing… (more…)