Monthly Archives: July 2015

Bombay Taxi: Bombay Away

Share this:Have ever had any trouble parking cars? Have ever parked a car? Well, with Bombay Taxi, you can practice and practice how to park cars, particularly taxis. Also, This can be a chance for you to experience parking cars! Your goal here is to successfully park the taxi of the tired and frustrated driver, Pakya. You can choose the… (more…)

Unleash your escaping skills in Escape the Room 3

Share this:What will you do if you are stuck in a dark and creepy room? Are you going to panic? Are you going to be afraid to the maximum level? Alternatively, are you going to be calm and collected and find an answer to your problem? If your answer is pointing on the last one, then you will surely enjoy… (more…)

Fashion Solitaire: Choose Your Own Outfit!

Share this:Have you ever been into fashion? Well, if you like to deal with different styles and dressing, this game is the right one for you. Fashion Solitaire is banding card game and fashion together. There are some girls that you need to dress, by combining the clothes from the cards. You just have to click on the card and… (more…)

Vehicles 3: Save The City

Share this:A very cute and funny game for car lovers. In Vehicles 3 you have a honored role to save the city from the bad guys since you are driving a municipal car. Your purpose is to stop the evil vehicles by pushing them off the road and bringing back peace on the streets. It is very easy to play… (more…)