Monthly Archives: September 2015

Be skillful in pipe fixing in Plumber 2

Share this:Do you have any information about plumbing or pipefitting? It is the main duty of a plumber. Do you know why this skill is very important not only for plumbers but also to ordinary people? There are three explanations that can answer the questions. One is because without this skill, the problems in water flow and supply can’t be… (more…)

Candies all you want in Pinata Hunter 3

Share this:Pinata Hunter is a flash game aim at collecting candies as you hit the piñata. Like in a party game, you must break the piñata and collect as many candies as you can. Pinata Hunter games are very addicting considering that it is a simple and user-friendly game. but although simple and sounds like easy, it is not that… (more…)

Fly with a Potty in Learn To Fly 3

Share this:Learn to Fly 3 is the third offering from the famous flash game series called Learn To Fly. There are three reasons why this series is a successful one. First is because of the fact that it has a continuation or progression. Second is because of the fact that it is very entertaining, which is the main purpose of… (more…)

Beat Level 6 of Raft Wars 2

Share this:Raft Wars 2 is a sequel of Raft Wars 1. Welcome back Simon and his brother in defending their treasure. The same graphics and design, Raft Wars 2 is equally enjoyable as Raft Wars 1. It also uses mouse as the controller of your play. As it is a game while you relax because the levels of difficulties in… (more…)