Monthly Archives: November 2015

Island Tribe 2: Thrive and Survive

Share this:Get ready for a great island adventure with Island Tribe 2! A sequel of Island Tribe, this second version is sure to captivate you with its all summer theme in great secluded islands where you will travel and visit. In this game, you will also manage your very own island and establish a tribe of your own with you… (more…)

Show Them Some Moves on My Dolphin SHow 4!

Share this:Calling all dolphin lovers of all ages, a flash game about these cute and adorable sea creature is waiting for you, it’s the My Dolphin Show 4! This game is the fourth offering of the fun and entertaining game series My Dolphin Show. You can play this game on In this game’s new version, the controls are kept… (more…)

Crush Enemies In Zombogrinder 2!

Share this:This is an amazing zombie game, filled with adrenalin and you will love it! You are racing through the street filled with zombies. In the first version of these series you destroyed all the zombies. But now they are back and they want to revenge. You need to destroy them again and this way you will earn points. There… (more…)

Make your enemy fall in Gun Mayhem 2

Share this:If you love to play shooting games, you should not miss playing Gun Mayhem 2. You are to shoot the enemies and make them fall off the stage. Use left and right arrow keys to turn left or right, up arrow key to jump, down arrow key to drop through the ground. Press letter Z to shoot and letter… (more…)