Monthly Archives: December 2015

Enjoy playing Pinball Football

Share this:Pinball Football is a combination of Pinball and Football games. It’s time to challenge yourself if you can score a goal. While playing, don’t forget to collect lots of bonus points. You can collect these bonus points from the flippers and bumpers. Controlling the flippers is very easy; just use the arrow keys to do so. Always look for… (more…)

A Shooting and Puzzle Game in Tactical Assassin 2

Share this:Get ready to see the world through the scope of your rifle in Tactical Assassin 2. In this second offering of the series, your main objective is to aim at targets and successfully bring them down. You have a rifle in your hands to the mission and succeed with it. The game stands firm on its non-colored, only grey,… (more…)

Cuteness Overload in Blinkz 2

Share this:Are you looking for a cute and easy game for kids to play? Then look no more because the second version of the cute game Blinkz – Blinkz 2 is here. If you already knew the previous version of the game, then you would have known how the game is played, but if not, well its very easy to… (more…)