Monthly Archives: March 2016

Blast pixelated zombies in Big Pixel Zombies

Share this:Zombies are greatly incorporated or featured in different entertainment mediums because of two reasons. First is because of the mystery that surrounds them due to the fact that they are either real or just an imagination which mostly puzzle and amaze people from around the world. Second is because of the fact that they are either scary or entertaining… (more…)

Fart your way to the end in Twizzed Firefarta

Share this:Are you looking for a flash game that is unique and funny? If yes, then you will be surprised with the topic that this article is going to present. It is about a flash game that features or requires a unique skill from the players. But before that, let us discuss two factors that contribute to the percentage that… (more…)

Follow the bosses well in The Mob Job

Share this:For those who love driving so much, this game would be an addicting one. The Mob Job is a criminal organization with a twist. They do not use guns. Instead, they use wheels and that makes them somehow unique among other gangsters. You will be working as a wheelman for this gang. You will be given instructions such as… (more…)

Quickly Make my Rainbow with concocted potion

Share this:Have you ever imagined a world with no color at all? How about a world with only black and white and maybe grey? The flash game Make my Rainbow shows a scene that is colorless. It is your job to put color to the world. Create the colors of the rainbow magically. Make color potions by finding the necessary… (more…)