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Upgrade your vehicles in Earn to Die World

Share this:One of the most addicting racing games you will find online is the Earn to Die game series. The story began when the town was invaded by zombies. The player, in his aim to escape from these zombies, needs to use a vehicle to reach a safe haven. As you drive, you will be smashing zombies along your way.… (more…)

Be calm and concentrated with Scary Maze Game

Share this:Are you looking for something entertaining, thrilling and horrific in a good way? If you are positive about it, then you can really enjoy the game called Scary Maze Game. This is about a maze game where players have to deal with different designs and different dots to guide. There are three reasons why you will love this series.… (more…)

It is all about collecting coins and avoiding dangers in Agent Platformer

Share this:Do you want a flash game that is exciting and challenging at the same time? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely get interested with the presented topic in this article. This article that you are currently reading is about Agent Platformer. This is an action packed game which gamers will surely love. There are two… (more…)