Scary Maze Game for iPad

Share this:If you will look for a scary game to challenge and prank your friends, there are a lot of scary games you will find online. One of the best games to give your friends goose-bumps is the Scary Maze Game. And if your friends are using Apple devices, they can download the game for free in the App Store.… (more…)

horror games play online

Share this:Have you ever wonder how brave you could be? Are you ready for some horrific surprises? Play Scary Maze games and prank your friends by sharing them the game. Scary Maze game is one of the renowned horror games you can play online. It will really give you the surprise of your life. If you are up for fun… (more…)

earn to die part 3 unblocked

Share this:Zombies have been popular characters in movies, videos, television shows, books and gaming world. They look like human corpse characters which are living yet no mental capacity at all. Just the mere looks of zombies are scary enough, what more if you were to be eaten by them or to be turned into one of them if they scratched… (more…)

Defend the world in Red Ball 6

Share this:Red Ball game series is one of the most popular online games nowadays. This is very simple game. You will just guide the red ball in its expedition until it gets to the end of the level. Do not be over confident because it is not an easy journey. You will be facing a lot of obstacles on your… (more…)

Play and enjoy Vex games

Share this:You will find lots of skill games over the internet. Some are free to play but some require payment or donations. Some will also let you play the first few levels as a trial and then offer you the full version for a fee. Some games will ask you to create an account and log in first before you… (more…)

Win first place in Duck Life 2

Share this:If you are looking for a game where you can spend your leisure time, and you are fond of teaching pets, then Duck Life 2 would be a perfect game for you. You will train your duckling in four main skills: running, flying, swimming and climbing. And all those hassles for racing and joining the World Championship. In the… (more…)

Play online Strike Force Heroes 2

Share this:If you are into shooting games, you should not miss playing Strike Force Heroes 2. You will not only love its great graphics, you will also enjoy every level of the game. However, this game will not load on too slow computers due to the high quality graphics. Your mission in Strike Force Heroes 2 is simple, to shoot… (more…)

Be fast and efficient with your movements in Ignition 2 Game

Share this:Do you have an idea what Ignition 2 Game is? Does it involve a movie, a television series or a flash game? If your answer pertains to the last option, then you are completely correct. This is indeed an example of a flash game. But if you think that it has something to do with racing with other competitors,… (more…)

Make your fashion statement in Fashion Solitaire

Share this:If you are fond with playing cards and you love fashion, play the game Fashion Solitaire. You will fully dress up with style the models with the ones on the cards. Give them hairstyles, shoes and accessories too. Hit the Done button at the model’s feet when she is fully dressed so the next model will show up. You… (more…)

Defend your treasures in Raft Wars Unblocked

Share this:A life of a child suddenly turns around after discovering a huge amount of treasure on an island in Raft Wars Unblocked. The news spread like wildfire and people across the world wants a piece of the riches, Simon finds himself in trouble and calls on to his brother for some back up. Together they will fight against pirates… (more…)