Blast pixelated zombies in Big Pixel Zombies

Zombies are greatly incorporated or featured in different entertainment mediums because of two reasons. First is because of the mystery that surrounds them due to the fact that they are either real or just an imagination which mostly puzzle and amaze people from around the world. Second is because of the fact that they are either scary or entertaining which is a good thing in terms of entertainment. This article presents a good game that features zombies and it is called Big Pixel Zombies.

Big Pixel Zombies (3)

The great thing about this game which is created by Big Pixel Studios is that everything is pixelated or the characters are all pixels. With this feature, children and adults will surely have fun playing this particular game. Your mission as the player is to blast or eliminate the pixelated zombies before they eat you. Use the arrow keys for movement and the mouse for shooting or blasting. Make sure that you will shoot them right away because they are fast approaching.

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