Defend the world in Red Ball 6

This game series is one of the most popular online games nowadays. This is very simple game. You will just guide the red ball in its expedition until it gets to the end of the level. Do not be over confident because it is not an easy journey. You will be facing a lot of obstacles on your way and you will encounter some troubles too on how to get through on the way. Aside from the colorful graphics, the storyline of each chapter will surely catch your interest.


In the sixth episode, Red Ball 6 is the continuance and the third and final tome of Red Ball 4. Red Ball 6 offers new enemies, new obstacles, new levels and new achievements. Your ultimate goal is to guide the ball to the end of every level. You also include in your goal on how to stop the Big Boss of the bad black squares from changing the world into a big black square.

Lead the ball as he goes through a scary factory where the red balls are being turned into red squares. Help him to save the world. You can go on by rolling and jumping your way through the different kinds of obstacles along your journey. Red Ball 6 has fifteen levels to complete. You will be encountering the big boss on the last level. That might be a hard battle but you must to defeat him to finish the game.

You can check the achievements you have already accomplished and what else to accomplish in the Achievements room. You can find that at the bottom of the level select menu. There are sixteen Achievements to complete. The most difficult and the most challenging achievement to accomplish is the Diamond Cup. You can accomplish it by completing all the fifteen achievements.

As you go on your expedition, don’t forget to collect the stars along you way to get some perfect score. Do it carefully because there are too many obstacles and make sure not to get in touch with the black squares. But you can kill them by jumping on them. Make sure to keep your distance away from the lasers. Take an extra care in jumping between platforms, if you fall, you will surely die.

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