Defend your treasures in Raft Wars Unblocked

A life of a child suddenly turns around after discovering a huge amount of treasure on an island in Raft Wars Unblocked. The news spread like wildfire and people across the world wants a piece of the riches, Simon finds himself in trouble and calls on to his brother for some back up. Together they will fight against pirates and all treasure hunter wannabees to protect what is rightfully theirs. Help them fight and you might have a taste of the brother’s treasure.

The goal of the game is to drain the enemy’s health bar by hitting them, or pushing them off their ship before they do that to the kids. The choice of weapon for the brothers is tennis ball firing guns and you have to help them aim and fire it to the enemy. Raft Wars Unblocked is a turned based system, one character per team will fire each turn, usually the ones in the front fires first. After being eliminated, the next one on his back will be firing against the enemy until all players in the opposing team is eliminated. Each shot can be controlled from the place the one who is firing is standing on. The power and the angle is controlled through the mouse, left click to fire once you got the right combination of both. You cannot see where the ball will be landing and where are the enemies. You have to remember how you fired the last shot and adjust it depending on what would hit. There are ammunitions that can be bought like grenades and rockets, although they are a bit pricey, they deliver more damage to the enemy. Aside from ammunition, the raft is the only thing where will you be spending money. After a few upgrades to the raft, you will have access to the third character which is a great help if you have a lot of enemies.

Raft Wars 3 (2)

Raft Wars Unblocked is a strategy action game which requires focus and memory. Try out the game at and start sinking enemies to the ocean floor.

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