earn to die part 3 unblocked

Zombies have been popular characters in movies, videos, television shows, books and gaming world. They look like human corpse characters which are living yet no mental capacity at all. Just the mere looks of zombies are scary enough, what more if you were to be eaten by them or to be turned into one of them if they scratched or bit you.

One of the most popular zombie games you will find online is the Earn to Die game series. The story began when the zombie apocalypse reached your hometown. Being one of the survivors, you looked for a place where you can stay and be safe. Seeing a helicopter from a not so far place, you needed a vehicle to get there. But to finally get to the helicopter, you will need three fully upgraded vehicles. Only the third one can reach the end.

In Earn to Die 2012, it was shown that you were able to get to the helicopter. Unfortunately, the zombies had taken down the helicopter. Looking again for a place to go, you got a map that leads to a military base but you have to pass through Dessert Dash. So in this new version, you will be heading to a military base called Exodus.

In earn to die 3 new version, the game started from where the previous earn to die left off. Like in all Earn to Die series, you will need three vehicles to reach the safe haven. From the first vehicle, you will need to upgrade it at the end of the day so it could reach farther distance on the next run. Every run is equal to a day. You will earn cash each time you run depending on how many zombies you have killed and how far you have reached. The upgrades you have made in one vehicle do not carry over to the next vehicle.

Earn To Die 3 (3)

Your first vehicle in earn to die 3 new version is the fire engine truck. You will unlock the red truck when you finish the first level of the game. And you will unlock the military transport when you finish the second level of the game. Play earn to die 3 new version for free.

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