Fart your way to the end in Twizzed Firefarta

Are you looking for a flash game that is unique and funny? If yes, then you will be surprised with the topic that this article is going to present. It is about a flash game that features or requires a unique skill from the players. But before that, let us discuss two factors that contribute to the percentage that you will likely to be engaging with this game. First is the incorporation of the unique and crazy character that the players will have to control and navigate. Second is because of the objective that they have to fulfill or accomplish. The name of the game is Twizzed Firefarta.

Twizzed Firefarta

From the title, you can easily sense that it has something to do with craziness and entertainment. You will be dealing with tricky and dangerous platforms that you have to survive to reach the end of this game. Control and guide the character in passing and overcoming the given situations in each level. Use the farting skills of the character to jump or fly over dangerous stuffs like spikes and others. There are 30 levels that you can truly enjoy.

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