Horror Games Play Online

Have you ever wonder how brave you could be? Are you ready for some horrific surprises? Play Scary Maze games and prank your friends by sharing them the game.


Scary Maze game is one of the renowned horror games you can play online. It will really give you the surprise of your life. If you are up for fun and shocking matters, this is the perfect game for you. And if you want to prank your friends, simply share them this game.

Playing Scary Maze game gives some benefits too. Aside from having fun and experiencing some shocks, it will also enhance your skills. The game tests your hand and eye coordination. It will also enhance your concentration ability. You will have to cross each maze carefully. Bear in mind that you must not touch the walls of the maze. The game is over once you touch the wall. And if you are lucky enough, you might get the surprise you are anticipating.

Scary Maze games are usually composed of three levels and another bonus level if ever you get through the first three levels. The first maze is wide, giving you a wide space to get through to the end. But as you level up, mazes get narrower. That makes the crossing hard without touching the wall. The game will be over if you touch the wall, deliberately or accidentally. Then you will have to start all over again.

The Scary Maze game is best played when lights are off and the room is dark. Then shoot up the volume of your speakers so that the sound effects are at its best. Share the game with others and prank your friends. Just take note that Scary Maze games are not for people who has weak hearts or heart conditions.

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