It is all about collecting coins and avoiding dangers in Agent Platformer

Do you want a flash game that is exciting and challenging at the same time? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely get interested with the presented topic in this article. This article that you are currently reading is about Agent Platformer. This is an action packed game which gamers will surely love. There are two things that you have to look forward into playing this very game.

The first one is the character that you have to control which is simple but rocking. The second thing are the platforms that you have to overcome in this game. Your mission as the gamer or player is to collect the coins set up on the platform while avoiding dangers on the way. There is a weapon that you can use which is the rocket pack. Surviving in this game is quite difficult so you must be able to utilize the given or available weapons especially those that are needed in the higher grounds.

Agent Platformer (5)

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