Shotguns vs Zombies

Shotguns vs Zombies is one of the best shooting flash games that is available out there. You really need to be a master in shooting for playing this game because you will just have one shotgun and a million zombies to kill. Do you like these odds. You are only there and the little beasts are falling at you from the sky and attacking you. Can you stop the zombies and be the best player. These zombies are hungry and are coming to eat you and drink your blood. Upgrade your shotgun and make it the most powerful gun and equip rockets, grenades and a bunch of cool weaponry. This game has one of the best game play and will make your list of the best flash games. Be ready to have fun with the Shotguns vs Zombies and be addictive to it like never before.

King of Drift-Show Drifting Skill

There is a generation of players accustomed with games like need for speeds. If you are one of them and like drifting your car with tire burning sound, King of Drift is a suitable game for you.
In this game you need to drift your car to different angles. The more you drift with the minimum time, you get higher points. You get to try different cars with upgraded tires to control your drift. The control is easy with the arrows and press z to control your break. The graphics is extra ordinary considering it as a flash game. The surrounding view will also give you a feeling of joy in King of Drift.


Moto Rush-Real Racing

In this age, who doesn’t like bike and stunts? If this is the case for you as well, you will like the online flash game Moto Rush.
In Moto Rush you can play in two modes: time attack and race. There are cup points to win every challenge. When you win 12 cup points you can take an advance bike. Isn’t that a cool feature? The control is pretty easy with the arrow keys. You need to use nitrous and jump in time to show some stunts as well to get more points. That way it will be easier to win cup points quickly and get new bikes. It is also mentioned that, while showing stunts it is necessary to keep [the balance. If you lose the balance, you will need to restart the level. So be careful while showing bike stunts.

Japanese Jello game-Play It Online Now

Japanese Jello game is a game which is very interesting to play and it will give you lots of fun. The game is free to play and you will have lots of fun from this free flash game and you must not miss this excellent online game
Japanese Jello game is completely free game to play and you will have lots of fun from this wonderful game. In this online game you will have to follow the Japanese concept of jello and it will give you lots of fun. The game is really interesting to play and you will get very good time with this one. Whenever you want you can play it and it is going to give you fun. You must not miss the opportunity to play this free flash game and it will give you some fun. You can now start to play it online and it will give you very good time.


Mad Burger-Prepare Burgers

Mad Burger is an attracting game which will help you to get lots of fun. In this online game your task is to prepare the burger and serve the customers with the burgers. The game has very good graphics and it will help you to have good time.
Mad Burger is free game to play and you will be able to pass nice time with this online game. The game has excellent concept and when you will play it you will enjoy the time. The game is going to give you lots of fun and when you will play it you will have great fun. The game is very attracting one to play and in this game you will have to serve the customers with the burgers. You must prepare the burgers properly and serve the customers otherwise you will not be able to win the game. Play it online and have some fun.