Defend your treasures in Raft Wars Unblocked

A life of a child suddenly turns around after discovering a huge amount of treasure on an island in Raft Wars Unblocked. The news spread like wildfire and people across the world wants a piece of the riches, Simon finds himself in trouble and calls on to his brother for some back up. Together they will fight against pirates and all treasure hunter wannabees to protect what is rightfully theirs. Help them fight and you might have a taste of the brother’s treasure.

The goal of the game is to drain the enemy’s health bar by hitting them, or pushing them off their ship before they do that to the kids. The choice of weapon for the brothers is tennis ball firing guns and you have to help them aim and fire it to the enemy. Raft Wars Unblocked is a turned based system, one character per team will fire each turn, usually the ones in the front fires first. After being eliminated, the next one on his back will be firing against the enemy until all players in the opposing team is eliminated. Each shot can be controlled from the place the one who is firing is standing on. The power and the angle is controlled through the mouse, left click to fire once you got the right combination of both. You cannot see where the ball will be landing and where are the enemies. You have to remember how you fired the last shot and adjust it depending on what would hit. There are ammunitions that can be bought like grenades and rockets, although they are a bit pricey, they deliver more damage to the enemy. Aside from ammunition, the raft is the only thing where will you be spending money. After a few upgrades to the raft, you will have access to the third character which is a great help if you have a lot of enemies.

Raft Wars 3 (2)

Raft Wars Unblocked is a strategy action game which requires focus and memory. Try out the game at and start sinking enemies to the ocean floor.

Scary Maze Game for iPad

If you will look for a scary game to challenge and prank your friends, there are a lot of scary games you will find online. One of the best games to give your friends goose-bumps is the Scary Maze Game. And if your friends are using Apple devices, they can download the game for free in the App Store.

The Scary Maze Game app is like a collection of Scary Maze games previously released. When you download it, it is like downloading several games in just one app. You can download it for your iOS devices free of charge. And it is available not only for your iOS phone but also for iPad.

Scary Maze Game (2)

When you play Scary Maze Game for iPad, only the first level is unlocked. To unlock the succeeding levels, you must collect the corresponding number of stars to unlock a level. You can find and collect stars along the mazes as you play. However, stars will only be counted when you finish the level. Each level in the app is equal to one Scary Maze game.

In playing Scary Maze Game, you must remember one absolute rule. And that rule is to never ever touch the walls of the maze. It is fatal to touch the walls of the maze. You will have to restart the whole level again if you accidentally or deliberately touch the walls of the maze. And hold on to your device for you might get the scariest surprise of your life when you touch the walls of the maze.

In playing the app, you will surely be challenged. Some of your skills will be tested and enhanced. Your hand and eye coordination will be put into test for one. You need to see to it that you will not bump into the wall as you cross the mazes. As you level up, crossing the maze gets harder. The road of the maze gets narrower and turns increases. Your patience will also be increased. The game is not that easy as it looks but not impossibly hard. And you must also be fully concentrated when you play the game, else you will not be able to finish it.

Upgrade your vehicles in Earn to Die World

One of the most addicting racing games you will find online is the Earn to Die game series. The story began when the town was invaded by zombies. The player, in his aim to escape from these zombies, needs to use a vehicle to reach a safe haven. As you drive, you will be smashing zombies along your way. Upgrading the vehicle and eventually buying better vehicles is a must.


Invade the Earn to Die World which you will find at In this website, you will find the Earn to Die series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 which will surely keep you busy for a while. Although Earn to Die 8 does not deal with zombies anymore, the gameplay remains the same: you will be crushing enemy soldiers along your way and will need to fully upgrade all your vehicles.

Be calm and concentrated with Scary Maze Game

Are you looking for something entertaining, thrilling and horrific in a good way? If you are positive about it, then you can really enjoy the game called Scary Maze Game. This is about a maze game where players have to deal with different designs and different dots to guide. There are three reasons why you will love this series. First is because of the reason that it is continuing which will not bore the players at all. Second reason is because of the challenging mazes which are tough and scary at the same time. Last reason is because of the fact that it improves the hand-eye coordination of a player which is helpful in little ways.

Scary Maze Game (2)

Continue reading the entire article so you will be informed right away. Since this is a game series, one can expect for two or more editions. In fact, this particular flash game series has 10 exciting editions. Each edition presents exciting and challenging gameplay. This game can be creepy and nerve wracking but as long as you are prepared, focused and composed, you will surely enjoy and succeed with this game. Beware of the surprise or shock that will come to you in the game or after the game.

It is all about collecting coins and avoiding dangers in Agent Platformer

Do you want a flash game that is exciting and challenging at the same time? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely get interested with the presented topic in this article. This article that you are currently reading is about Agent Platformer. This is an action packed game which gamers will surely love. There are two things that you have to look forward into playing this very game.

The first one is the character that you have to control which is simple but rocking. The second thing are the platforms that you have to overcome in this game. Your mission as the gamer or player is to collect the coins set up on the platform while avoiding dangers on the way. There is a weapon that you can use which is the rocket pack. Surviving in this game is quite difficult so you must be able to utilize the given or available weapons especially those that are needed in the higher grounds.

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