Quickly Make my Rainbow with concocted potion

Have you ever imagined a world with no color at all? How about a world with only black and white and maybe grey? The flash game Make my Rainbow shows a scene that is colorless. It is your job to put color to the world. Create the colors of the rainbow magically. Make color potions by finding the necessary items. Follow the instructions and collect the ingredients in the spell book.

Find the ingredients in the black and white picture. Some ingredients need combination of two items and some steps to produce. But be quick, you only have limited time to create the colors and paint the world. And upon producing the magical color, do not forget to use your wand and tap so the fairy will spread the color in the environment. Make My Rainbow is a hidden objects game. Kids will surely love playing it .



Return the bunnies of where are my bunnies

Indulge yourself in this famous adventure game of bunnies. See this game Where are my bunnies and have fun catching those cute little animals before they eat crops and make a mess on the farm. The bunnies had escaped from the farmer. Your goal is to catch all of them and bring them back to the farmer. Use the given items to lure the bunnies into the cages.

But before they get in the cages, try to make them collect all three stars first in each level. Put the items strategically so you can achieve both goals, collect the stars and trap the bunnies. Activating the wolf would make them run. The spring will make them jump. Crates can be used to push enemies. Bushes are used as hiding place from the fox. where are my bunnies is an addicting game to enjoy while having time pass by.


I Love Traffic if it is moving

If you were caught in a traffic jam, you would probably blame the traffic enforcer or the traffic light controller for the situation. But did you know that being a traffic enforcer looks cool but it is actually not that easy. You cannot commit a single mistake as this might result to accidents and worse, even to death. Bulk of vehicles from all direction adds to the problem at hand.

I love traffic

In the game I Love Traffic, your role is to be a traffic light controller. Your goal is to let pass a number of vehicles safely along cross roads within a time limit. Turn the traffic light green or red by clicking your mouse on the traffic light. Playing this game gives fun and entertainment. It is challenging and definitely not boring. Although the graphic presentation is not much, it is enough for the intended purpose.

Protect the Giant Carrot of Game Over Gopher

Do you relish playing math games? Do you like the subject geometry? In playing Game Over Gopher, you need basic knowledge of geometry. At least you must understand coordinates or axis. Your goal is to stop the hungry gophers in their attempt to eat the prized giant carrot.

.Game Over Gopher (3)

.Game Over Gopher (4)

You will put up defenses against the hungry gophers so they cannot eat the giant carrot. Some of the defenses need to be correctly put on a certain coordinates. You must also earn rubies to be able to put up defenses and upgrade them. You can earn rubies by putting up ruby drills or collect the rubies left by the gophers. Game Over Gopher is a tower defense game. It is a fun and addicting flash game. Once you understood the game, you will be cajoled in playing it. And for showing no violence, this game is also recommended to children.

Drive efficiently and quickly with Ignition 2 Game

Driving and racing games have gained massive popularity through the years because of three reasons. First is because they satisfy the virtual passion that most people have toward cars and other vehicles. As we all know, cars and other vehicles are great things and useful ones where we can all benefit from. Second reason is because they are exciting and thrilling which makes gamers feel the adrenaline rush even if it is through a virtual medium. Last reason is because they are entertaining which is the main purpose of the creation of games existing now online. One good example is the one called Ignition 2 game.

If you are looking for thrill and excitement, this game is the perfect fit for you. But before you can play, you must know your objective. Since this is a racing game, you will be dealing with cars. The title of this game is Ignition 2 because you will have to perform the perfect ignition to boost your car towards the track and finish. Drive your car towards the pad and advance to the next track or level.


Enjoy playing Pinball Football

Pinball Football is a combination of Pinball and Football games. It’s time to challenge yourself if you can score a goal. While playing, don’t forget to collect lots of bonus points. You can collect these bonus points from the flippers and bumpers. Controlling the flippers is very easy; just use the arrow keys to do so. Always look for a clear shot and wait for your proper timing before kicking a goal. Check on your screen, on the top of it are the bonus bumpers, you have to light those up both.

pinball football

If you want to increase your multiplier, just shoot the ramps and light up your targets to get bonus points. You have three lives in every turn, but don’t worry; you have enough turns to entertain yourself. After playing, you can submit your best score so your friends will see how best you are in playing Pinball Football.

A Shooting and Puzzle Game in Tactical Assassin 2

Get ready to see the world through the scope of your rifle in Tactical Assassin 2. In this second offering of the series, your main objective is to aim at targets and successfully bring them down. You have a rifle in your hands to the mission and succeed with it.

Tactical Assassin 2 (4)

The game stands firm on its non-colored, only grey, black and white color schemes, to focus more on the mission of the game as suggested by the game’s tittle. The game is a shooting game, however it does not just revolve around there. It also includes a little puzzle when it comes to identifying targets and getting them out in the open. If you want to learn more about this game, just click over here. You can read about the game so you can warm yourself up or you can also play the game right away in the website provided above.

Cuteness Overload in Blinkz 2

Are you looking for a cute and easy game for kids to play? Then look no more because the second version of the cute game Blinkz – Blinkz 2 is here. If you already knew the previous version of the game, then you would have known how the game is played, but if not, well its very easy to learn.

Blinkz 2Blinkz 2 (5)

The objective of the game is to reunite the only two pink colored shapes, one being bigger than the other so the smaller one can fit right in. The game is very ideal for kids not only because of its wholesome manner but also because it stimulates their creative thinking and problem solving skills, the two things that should be present in every game for kids and kids at heart. Yes, the game can be played even by adults too, but only if you can handle the cuteness overload of the game.

Island Tribe 2: Thrive and Survive

Get ready for a great island adventure with Island Tribe 2! A sequel of Island Tribe, this second version is sure to captivate you with its all summer theme in great secluded islands where you will travel and visit. In this game, you will also manage your very own island and establish a tribe of your own with you as the leader.


Your objective is to see to it that everything in the tribe goes well. And also, most importantly, compete with other players in different kinds of island survival skills such as crossing the river and many more to be on top. Do good in every level and receive an expert mark with each completed level. Don’t let anyone beat you to it. You think you can handle everything? Then what are are you waiting for? Prepare all the things you need and book your next hours enjoying this game.

Show Them Some Moves on My Dolphin SHow 4!

Calling all dolphin lovers of all ages, a flash game about these cute and adorable sea creature is waiting for you, it’s the My Dolphin Show 4! This game is the fourth offering of the fun and entertaining game series My Dolphin Show.


You can play this game on www.mydolphinshow5.net/my-dolphin-show-4. In this game’s new version, the controls are kept basic and the same as its previous versions to keep the familiarity for those who already enjoyed its previous versions, and the ease with its new players. The objective of the game is also the same, and that is to make your dolphin do various tricks to keep the audience happy and well entertained. When you collected enough coins, you will then be able to buy cut little outfits for your dolphin to wear on his next show. Sounds fun enough? Then what are you waiting for? Try the game now!