Crush Enemies In Zombogrinder 2!

This is an amazing zombie game, filled with adrenalin and you will love it! You are racing through the street filled with zombies. In the first version of these series you destroyed all the zombies. But now they are back and they want to revenge. You need to destroy them again and this way you will earn points. There are some interesting awards in the game, like fuel bonuses, money and repair bonuses. You will collect them during your drive.


On the screen you will be able to see your speed status, car life status and fuel status. You will kill zombies by crushing into them with your car. But don’t crush into fences and other objects in your way because you will decrease your car life status and eventually destroy your car. The game is filled with blood and violence, so if you like this kind of games, try out Zombogrinder 2.

Make your enemy fall in Gun Mayhem 2

If you love to play shooting games, you should not miss playing Gun Mayhem 2. You are to shoot the enemies and make them fall off the stage. Use left and right arrow keys to turn left or right, up arrow key to jump, down arrow key to drop through the ground. Press letter Z to shoot and letter X to throw dynamite. Press space bar to pause the game. Pick up boxes for additional boosters.


You can customize your character in the Tutorial stage. You can play Campaign, Custom Games and Challenges. Unlock all fifteen levels in Campaign; play seven modes with up to four players in Custom Games and test yourself in seven modes in Challenges. In Custom games, you have ten lives for the entire modes. Gun Mayhem 2 is an action strategy game. It is also a fun way to bond with family and friends.

Watch Out for the Bear in Bear Escape

Do you love wild bears of the forest? But how about when they try to kill you for dinner? Would you still love them? Find out if these carnivores will succeed in eating you in Bear Escape game. Bear Escape is an escape type of flash games.

Unlike other games of this genre, you need not only to look for missing objects and solve the puzzle to get out of the cabin and into the safety but you also have to kill the furious bear outside the cabin so it won’t get to you you once you find your way out. You can only use the mouse to point and click and find your way out. Sounds interesting right? With the game’s quite impressive graphics and cool background music, there is nothing not to love about this game. Check out and play Bear Escape with family and friends, players of all ages can play this game.


Race back in Uphill Rush 2

More exciting than ever, the second sequel of Uphill Rush has more to offer. Although there are only eight cups to complete, it is packed with more features. Just like in its prequel, there is the Time Trial and Race version. And you will be completing easy modes to unlock the next modes and even the last four cups.

Uphill Rush 2 (5)

This time, you will earn coins as you race but will only be credited if you finish the race. You can use those coins in buying clothes for your racer and buying more upgraded rides. And speaking of customization, you can now opt for a female racer. You can also choose the complexity and you can modify the color of the racer’s hair and clothes. Also, there are now predefined stunts for the racer. Uphill Rush 2 is another addicting game you would be playing all day long.

Come and join Sara in Red Velvet Cake: Sara’s Cooking Class

Sara’s cooking class, suitable game for girls of all ages those who loves to cook. In the game Sara teaches you how to make a delicious Red Velvet Cake. The game also comes with a recipe and the procedure how to make the cake. The game gives a remarkable experience of cooking. Players will get a full comprehensive cooking conception. The stages are set step by step process of making the cake.


First you need to make the cake dough. Then in the second stage, you bake it in the oven, in the third you prepare the cream frosting and so on. In each step, you have to follow Sara’s instruction and following so you will be able to complete the whole process of making the cake. The game is entertaining and you need to be fast so as to score bonus points and show off your know-how to friends.

Fun Football adventure in Return Man

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. There are three reasons why people love this sport passionately. One is because it is a team sport, which means a certain number of people can play instead of one or two players only. Second is because it is exciting and thrilling to watch or play. Third is because it greatly shows the sense of competitiveness. There is no surprise that entertainment creators have grasped the idea of incorporating this sport. One example is the flash game called Return Man. You can look these up on different gaming websites online. You can also continue reading this article for some ideas.


If you play football in real life, you can play your position in this virtual football game. You can be a receiving catcher or a defending blocker. Your mission is to perform your corresponding duties as a catcher or blocker. If you are the former, you must catch the ball and bring it on the other end. If you are the latter, defend the ball as much as you can. If you lose four possessions, you will lose and have to start all over again.

Be skillful in pipe fixing in Plumber 2

Do you have any information about plumbing or pipefitting? It is the main duty of a plumber. Do you know why this skill is very important not only for plumbers but also to ordinary people? There are three explanations that can answer the questions. One is because without this skill, the problems in water flow and supply can’t be fix at certain means. Second is because it will help even an ordinary person to fix his or her water pipe. Last is because it can be a good source of income in a simple and not complicated way. Game creators are able to incorporate this skill in flash game. In fact, there is one example called Plumber 2.


This is actually a sequel to Plumber 1. The rules or objectives are pretty much the same from the previous edition. The player will have to solve the water flow by rotating and connecting the pipes properly. This can be time consuming so you have to be quick and precise at all time. Unleash or develop your pipe fitting skills with the help of this game. Concentrate and interact precisely.

Candies all you want in Pinata Hunter 3

Pinata Hunter is a flash game aim at collecting candies as you hit the piñata. Like in a party game, you must break the piñata and collect as many candies as you can. Pinata Hunter games are very addicting considering that it is a simple and user-friendly game. but although simple and sounds like easy, it is not that easy to collect candies while beating the piñata. It also requires strategy on where to put your bag and how to beat the piñata in conjunction to your bag.
Pinata Hunter 3 gives you more upgrades and features. The candies have values that can be used to buy upgrades of your bag, weapon, skills (power, accuracy, value of candies) and gloves. You can also buy epic items for a cost. Game mode is also introduced in this series. You have normal mode, time mode and challenge mode.


Fly with a Potty in Learn To Fly 3

Learn to Fly 3 is the third offering from the famous flash game series called Learn To Fly. There are three reasons why this series is a successful one. First is because of the fact that it has a continuation or progression. Second is because of the fact that it is very entertaining, which is the main purpose of giving fun, and excitement that a game should be. Since this is already the third offering, there are new things to look forward to. To know the changes in this new version, continue you reading below.
The main character in this game is just like the ones in the previous editions, which is the penguin. Its mission is still the same, which is to reach farther and longer distances in several trials. The new thing is the potty, which should be utilized by the penguin in any way possible. Train the penguin in reaching the goal as well as upgrading new flying weapons.


Beat Level 6 of Raft Wars 2

Raft Wars 2 is a sequel of Raft Wars 1. Welcome back Simon and his brother in defending their treasure. The same graphics and design, Raft Wars 2 is equally enjoyable as Raft Wars 1. It also uses mouse as the controller of your play. As it is a game while you relax because the levels of difficulties in each level would not torture your mind leaving you room to enjoy and have fun. Although you might need to play each level again, you would be well versed in shooting an opponent you cannot see on the screen at the same time.
Raft Wars 2 is a fun and easy flash game. But do not underestimate its difficulty level. Remember that as you level up, each level would be harder than the previous one. Try to beat level 6 of this game and see.

Raft Wars 2 (3)