Unlock three vehicles in Earn to Die 2: Exodus

If you have enjoyed the first Earn To Die, get ready for the second one. The Exodus military base has called upon the survivors that the last rescue plane now has to leave for Refuge Harbor because they cannot hold off anymore from the zombies attack. To get to the military base, you need a vehicle. You can buy a car for a start.

As you try to run as far as the car can, you earn cash for the distance you reached and the zombies you killed. You must upgrade your car fully so it can reach the maximum distance it can run. In this sequel, there are three levels. You have to pass a level to unlock the next vehicle. But you will have to fully upgrade each vehicle to be able to reach the finish line and finish the game.

earntodie2-exodus (1)

Use the ring in Green Lantern Crimson Clash

If you are a fan of the Superfriends or the Justice League, Green Lantern will be very much familiar to you. And you will surely enjoy playing Green Lantern Crimson Clash. But even if you are not a fan, playing this game will still be enjoyable. The vicious red lanterns are attacking the Green Lantern. To take them down, use the power of Green Lantern’s ring.

Green Lantern  Crimson Clash

To control the direction of Green Lantern, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Use letter X key to attack or shoot at the enemy. Press spacebar to convert combo units to Green Lantern’s ring power. You can also press the letter Z key for a special attack if you have enough power. The Red Lanterns may be a bit stronger than the Green Lantern. But that does not mean a certain defeat. You, as Green Lantern, can surely win against the Red Lanterns.

Blast pixelated zombies in Big Pixel Zombies

Zombies are greatly incorporated or featured in different entertainment mediums because of two reasons. First is because of the mystery that surrounds them due to the fact that they are either real or just an imagination which mostly puzzle and amaze people from around the world. Second is because of the fact that they are either scary or entertaining which is a good thing in terms of entertainment. This article presents a good game that features zombies and it is called Big Pixel Zombies.

Big Pixel Zombies (3)

The great thing about this game which is created by Big Pixel Studios is that everything is pixelated or the characters are all pixels. With this feature, children and adults will surely have fun playing this particular game. Your mission as the player is to blast or eliminate the pixelated zombies before they eat you. Use the arrow keys for movement and the mouse for shooting or blasting. Make sure that you will shoot them right away because they are fast approaching.

Fart your way to the end in Twizzed Firefarta

Are you looking for a flash game that is unique and funny? If yes, then you will be surprised with the topic that this article is going to present. It is about a flash game that features or requires a unique skill from the players. But before that, let us discuss two factors that contribute to the percentage that you will likely to be engaging with this game. First is the incorporation of the unique and crazy character that the players will have to control and navigate. Second is because of the objective that they have to fulfill or accomplish. The name of the game is Twizzed Firefarta.

Twizzed Firefarta

From the title, you can easily sense that it has something to do with craziness and entertainment. You will be dealing with tricky and dangerous platforms that you have to survive to reach the end of this game. Control and guide the character in passing and overcoming the given situations in each level. Use the farting skills of the character to jump or fly over dangerous stuffs like spikes and others. There are 30 levels that you can truly enjoy.

Follow the bosses well in The Mob Job

For those who love driving so much, this game would be an addicting one. The Mob Job is a criminal organization with a twist. They do not use guns. Instead, they use wheels and that makes them somehow unique among other gangsters. You will be working as a wheelman for this gang.

The Mob Job (3)

You will be given instructions such as who will you pick up, where are you bringing him and other tasks that will be instructed to you on your screen. You have to drive as fast as you can because you have to accomplish your assignment only in a given span of time. Do not forget to glance at the map from time to time so you will not be lost and consume your time looking for the right way. You will control your car with the arrow keys and the space bar to stop.