Save The Good Hero In Steampunk

There are thirty levels of a real fun and challenge! So there is a plenty time to test your strategy skills. Steampunk is a puzzle solving game, where you need to build a good strategy in order to complete the task.
You will have a good and a bad hero. You should put a good hero on the saving ground. You can do that if you click the wood blocks to remove them so he can fall on the ground. The less clicks you use, the better medal you will get. Your bad hero is the red one. You should click the blocks and remove them in order to throw him out of the screen. So you need to find a good strategy to do it with less clicks. Keep in mind that metal blocks can not be removed, just wooden ones. There will be different objects to help you save the good guy and get rid of the bad guy.


Blosics 1: Block Magic

Will you play a game when it says it involves physics? Well, Blosics 1 will surely change your mind if you say no to a physics game. The Best One is yet to come to you. Your goal in this game is to score at least a hundred to proceed to the next level. There are green blocks that need to fall. Each block equals to four points. How can you score? You must let the blocks fall by hitting them with your own ball.
There is a lot of hindrance for your task. First, there’s a gauge for your ball. The amount of power that you will use will be deducted from your points. Then, there are also platforms where you can let the ball hit to bounce. The red blocks are The Best One. If you let them fall, they will equal to deduction points. So maximize your patience because Blosics 1 will make you sweat.

Blosics 1 (1)

Bombay Taxi: Bombay Away

Have ever had any trouble parking cars? Have ever parked a car? Well, with Bombay Taxi, you can practice and practice how to park cars, particularly taxis. Also, This can be a chance for you to experience parking cars! Your goal here is to successfully park the taxi of the tired and frustrated driver, Pakya. You can choose the type of taxis to drive. You can also choose different levels. It sounds easy, right? What if there’s a time limit? Well yes, there is. You need to park the taxi before the time ends, or else, the game is over.
Still sounds easy? Every level has different obstacles. Before you can park the taxi, you will need to surpass cars, people roaming around, people playing cricket, people drawing on the parking floor, and more. You must not hit them. If you want to challenge yourself, and test your patience, Bombay Taxi is the game for you.

Bombay Taxi (6)

Unleash your escaping skills in Escape the Room 3

What will you do if you are stuck in a dark and creepy room? Are you going to panic? Are you going to be afraid to the maximum level? Alternatively, are you going to be calm and collected and find an answer to your problem? If your answer is pointing on the last one, then you will surely enjoy the details that you will see in this article. This is about an escape game called Escape the Room 3.
But before that, let us tackle the usual reactions of people when stuck in a place or a room. Most people will panic right away as their natural reaction but some are able to control their reaction and be calm still and find ways to solve the problem or situation. Going back to Escape the Room 3. This game offers a challenging room escape set up. The player will be stuck and locked in a room. He or she must be able to escape using the items found in the room.


Fashion Solitaire: Choose Your Own Outfit!

Have you ever been into fashion? Well, if you like to deal with different styles and dressing, this game is the right one for you. Fashion Solitaire is banding card game and fashion together. There are some girls that you need to dress, by combining the clothes from the cards. You just have to click on the card and drag it to the model. It is very simple.
If you have a sense of style, you will be successful at this game. Fashion Solitaire is a girly game, where you have to show your knowledge of fashion. At the beginning you have a possibility to choose from different kinds of occasions to dress your model. You can dress her for the school, gym, job, going out, whatever you want! You can combine dresses, skirts, blouses, and also hair styles. This is your opportunity to be creative!


Vehicles 3: Save The City

A very cute and funny game for car lovers. In Vehicles 3 you have a honored role to save the city from the bad guys since you are driving a municipal car. Your purpose is to stop the evil vehicles by pushing them off the road and bringing back peace on the streets. It is very easy to play because you use only your mouse. You just click on the car to start it moving and once again to stop it. There you have to be careful not to stop it too late because you don’t want to past the mark. Vehicles 3 consists of thirty six levels by way of which you reach different achievements. While you move through the game you unlock those achievements and show your skills. First few levels are very easy since they include tutorials that are very helpful. Find this game at


Super Car Parking 2: Test your parking skills!

A great way to test your parking skills. Some may find it difficult, but just like in a real life, with more practice you get better. Super Car Parking 2 is appropriate game for car lovers, and it suits all ages. The goal of this game is to park a car at the marked place. You should also be careful and avoid hitting other cars or object in the way. You need to be skillful and fast because your time is limited. At each level, you have to park as fast as you can. To move forward or back, use your arrow keys.
The interesting thing about Super Car Parking 2 is that you use a very fast supercar, and you are not supposed to drive it at high speed, but to park it very carefully, trying not to damage it.

Super Car Parking 2

Make the penguin reach greater heights in Learn to Fly 3

Most of us are aware that penguins can’t fly or if they can, the height of the flight is just minimal but don’t you know that there is a game which has a purpose of making the penguin fly through bouncing. This game is actually a series called Learn to Fly and it is now on its third edition called Learn To Fly 3.
There are three reasons why it is exciting to play. First is because it involves penguin which most of us are fascinated about. Second is because of the goal which is to help it fly by making it bounce on the blue ocean. Third reason is because of the game background it has which is very colorful and unique. The third edition has the same goal, which is to make the penguin fly higher grounds and score higher points. This is not an easy task because the player needs to angle and balance the penguin so that it will precisely go on greater heights. There are also obstacles presented such as icebergs and others. There are also upgrades available once you are able to collect enough points and money. Learn to Fly 3 is indeed a worthy and exciting flash game for all.

learn to fly 2

Test your focus in Scary Maze Game 4

Cannot wait for a Halloween treat? Always looking for a game that will test your focus and concentration? Well, here’s Scary Maze Game 4 that is plenty of fun and will give you thrill and excitement while playing. Scary Maze Game 4 is one of the many versions of Scary Game series. This game has been popular because of its creepy reward for those who finish the puzzle and mazes.
The goal of the game is sane as the aim for other versions. You have to get to the finish line without touching or bumping off the walls. You can relax your hand while playing since you don’t have to click or drag anything. You just have to move your mouse carefully to reach the finish. After reaching level 5, you may play a bonus level or you can have your creepy surprise. So, test your focus and play Scary Maze Game 4.

Scary Maze Game 4

Perform stunts and tricks in My Dolphin Show 4

Dolphins! They are adorable, aren’t they? With their cute tricks, who can resist these adorable sea creatures? Now you get to play as a dolphin in the game My Dolphin Show 4. In the fourth installment of this very popular game series, perform stunts and tricks that will leave your audience breathless with awe. Win their hearts with your cuteness and collect lots and lots of gold coins so you can purchase upgrades. The controls are very basic. You just have to use the arrow keys to maneuver your dolphin around the game area. Jump high and dive with grace as you perform to your heart’s content. To know more about this game, click the web link.
If you’re ready to experience the fun and glamorous life of a dolphin, then you must play My Dolphin Show 4 as soon as possible. Have fun and be the best dolphin in town.

My Dolphin Show 4