Control your movements in Flappy Bird 3D

Who does not know Flappy Bird? Certainly, the bird that made millions of people had gone wild. And, if you enjoyed playing Flappy bird in your mobile device, you will definitely love this new popular Flappy Bird 3D! Yes, it is now in 3D, and it is more exciting now because of its three dimensional perception. You will feel that you are in the location and you are Flappy Bird and you need to pass the pipes.
Just like the original Flappy Bird, the goal of the game is to pass as many pipes as you can. However, it would seem a little bit harder because you should have an efficient control to your movements. Once you hit a pipe, you are dead and you need to start flying from the first pipe. It will definitely test your patience. So, try this game now and prove that you have a long patience and pass many pipes as you can.

Flappy Bird 3D

Good looking image in Club Penguin

This game Club Penguin is a great title that can be played by many people at the same time. It doesn’t mean that you can’t play it alone, you can play with your computer actually. In fact, it is a series which has many titles under itself and all of them are very interesting and enjoyable. The author of this game is New Horizon Interactive, and it is made using smart fox server. The release date of this game is Oct 24, 2005, and now it is one of the most famous online flash games.
You can play it even if you have no skills of playing online games, as the game is very simple and no advanced strategies and skills are needed here.Once you open the website containing this game, a very good and attractive screen will open and you will like it in your first look.

Club Penguin

Guide worms in Effing worms 2

Love to see the worms that wish to eat people? If yes, then get ready to feel the difference in the world of online games. Effing worms 2, which is the 2nd part of Effing worms series, is back with a new style of worms. These are more deadly than before now. The player will have to grow the worm to the possible maximum size. If you upgrade the worm to make them a machine that kills continuously, the game will be more funny and fantastic.
This 2nd part is like the first one, so the task is same. I mean you have to grow and upgrade the worm from a little and cute baby to a bloodthirsty, over-sized and dangerous killing machine. You can’t do this if you can’t guide your worm properly, so guide it according to the provided instructions.

Effing worms 2

Shoot and aim in Ricochet Kills 4

What do you remember when you hear the word ricochet? Bullets? Shooting? Guns? Well then, you’re on point because the awesome game Ricochet Kills 4 is most definitely a shooting game. The fourth installment of the fun game proves to be a worthy installment to the game series. Like the previous versions of the game, in Ricochet Kills 4, you are a hitman and you’re job is to shoot all the targets coming your way. Use your mouse to aim accurately and shoot all those targets with deadly accuracy. If you want to know more about this super awesome shooting game, then you should totally check this related site.

Ricochet Kills 4 is definitely one of the best shooting games in town. If you’re not convinced, then you should really check the related site mentioned above. Click the link now and be ready to have another mind blowing adventure.


Be the best racer in Slide Racing!

Car racing games are very fun! They give you that adrenaline rush that makes your body tingle and burn in excitement. Another car racing game hits town to give you this amazing experience. Slide Racing is definitely a must play for all racing enthusiasts out there. With a great gameplay, an amazing storyline and very easy controls, Slide Racing is very fun and enjoyable. The controls are very easy too so that’s a big plus. The actual racing might be a little tricky because the car is bit hard to maneuver. However, you’re not one to shy away from a challenge right?

If you’re looking for something fun, exciting and mind blowing, then Slide Racing is definitely the game you must play. What are you waiting for? Take up the challenge and be the best racer in the game!


Protect the Cursed Treasure in Cursed Treasure 3

Cursed Treasure is one of the most popular games online played by people of all ages around the world. Because of its fun and exciting game play, people are always raving about how this game is awesome. Now you get to experience more of this awesome game because the game series is back with its third installment, Cursed Treasure 3. Like the previous games, the mission is to protect your gems from all the enemies that are trying to steal them from you. The more missions the complete, the higher the level you get and the harder the enemies you will encounter.
Test your great planning and strategic skills by playing Cursed Treasure 3 now!

Cursed Treasure 3

Enjoy while shooting targets in Bowman 1

Are you a fan of archery? Do you like shooting things with great accuracy? Well, if you said yes to both questions, then this game is definitely the game for you. Bowman 1 is one hell of a game that will keep you wanting for more. The objective of the game is to fire your arrow with great accuracy. You get to play the game in modes: practice mode, player vs. computer mode and player vs. human mode. So if you’re still new to the game, use the practice mode first. However, once you get a hang of it, don’t hold back and use the player vs. player or player vs. computer mode. The controls of the game are easy too. You only need to use your mouse or mousepad. To know more about the game and where to play it, click the link:
Don’t wait any longer! Click the link above to start playing Bowman 1.

Bowman 1

Play Fly Away Rabbit with a red balloon

Looking for a game that can provide you a chance of playing with a rabbit? Fly Away Rabbit is here to excite you, where you have to play with a white rabbit having a red balloon. The balloon will like to fly high into the sky. The game looks similar to Eliza Doolittle but has some unique features and tools. Use your mouse to move your rabbit. 14th of April, 2010 is the date when it was produced, so after 5 years, the game has been enjoyed and played by players more than 626,000 times and growing this number.
The goal is simple, just get the rabbit to the cloud. This task can be completed by clicking and removing the created blocks. Remember, the blue block is extremely bouncy. So try to get the rabbit to the targeted place in a short period of time.


Cross 3 tracks in H2Overdose Watercross

Get ready to enjoy a perfect and awesome water racing adventure game named H2Overdose Watercross. You have to hit the water waves, created perfectly. You will use water cycles in this great 3D racing game. Enjoy great animations and nice looking characters that are made keeping the kids in mind who love playing animation games.
Keep in mind that you have to save you and your vehicle from obstacles and other things so that you will reach the targeted area without having any problems, otherwise you may lose the game. You will have to cross more than 2 tracks taking a lot of jumps. A rider and a cycle are ready to amaze you in this perfectly designed game, so give it a try.

Kill your time with Curve Ball

Feeling some difficulty in spending your time? Are you bored and need to kill the time while playing and having fun? Curve Ball can help you in this regard. This game is one of the most addictive and fun games in the cyber world, which can leave the player engrossed for many hours and leave him craving for more when the game closes to the end.
Not only this game can be played online on many websites, blogs, and forums, but also you can download it to play on your iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Windows Phones. E4 and Game Spot highly recommend this game to play. It has many levels and features that make the game easy to play and complete.