Play and enjoy Vex games

You will find lots of skill games over the internet. Some are free to play but some require payment or donations. Some will also let you play the first few levels as a trial and then offer you the full version for a fee. Some games will ask you to create an account and log in first before you can play them. If you do not feel doing any of these conditions, look for skill games that you can play totally for free. One of these skill games which are free to play in its entirety is the Vex game series.

In the Vex games, you play as the stick figure which is on the go for the adventure of his life. You will be running, jumping, climbing, swimming and sliding as you head towards the end of the level or Acts as they are called in the game. You will also do lots of acrobatic acts while avoiding the deadly obstacles scattered all over your way. Make sure not to get in touch with those deadly obstacles, even the smallest contact will kill you right away. You will be passing checkpoints too as you proceed to the exit door. In case you die, you will continue from the last checkpoint you have passed.


All Vex games begin with a Tutorial stage. It is like a warm up stage; you get a grip on the controls of the game and familiarize yourself with the flow of the game. In the first installment, there are eight Acts to survive then a Credit stage. In the second installment, there are nine Acts to get through. And the third installment is the longest one and said to be the hardest too. Aside from the ten Acts to bear, there are additional nine Challenges to endure.

Every sequel has its own improvements and added features. In the second sequel, aside from new obstacles, an Achievements room was incorporated. There are twenty nine Achievements to complete while playing. Each Achievement becomes harder to get as you collect them. In the third sequel, the Achievements room was abolished and a new Trophies rooms was integrated. There are forty trophies to collect. And like in the Achievements, the higher the trophy, the harder it is to claim.

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