Scary Maze Game for iPad

If you will look for a scary game to challenge and prank your friends, there are a lot of scary games you will find online. One of the best games to give your friends goose-bumps is the Scary Maze Game. And if your friends are using Apple devices, they can download the game for free in the App Store.

The Scary Maze Game app is like a collection of Scary Maze games previously released. When you download it, it is like downloading several games in just one app. You can download it for your iOS devices free of charge. And it is available not only for your iOS phone but also for iPad.

Scary Maze Game (2)

When you play Scary Maze Game for iPad, only the first level is unlocked. To unlock the succeeding levels, you must collect the corresponding number of stars to unlock a level. You can find and collect stars along the mazes as you play. However, stars will only be counted when you finish the level. Each level in the app is equal to one Scary Maze game.

In playing Scary Maze Game, you must remember one absolute rule. And that rule is to never ever touch the walls of the maze. It is fatal to touch the walls of the maze. You will have to restart the whole level again if you accidentally or deliberately touch the walls of the maze. And hold on to your device for you might get the scariest surprise of your life when you touch the walls of the maze.

In playing the app, you will surely be challenged. Some of your skills will be tested and enhanced. Your hand and eye coordination will be put into test for one. You need to see to it that you will not bump into the wall as you cross the mazes. As you level up, crossing the maze gets harder. The road of the maze gets narrower and turns increases. Your patience will also be increased. The game is not that easy as it looks but not impossibly hard. And you must also be fully concentrated when you play the game, else you will not be able to finish it.

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