Show your style in BMX Freestyle

Are you into sports? Do you like bicycles? Ride that bike on and show off you stunts in BMX Freestyle game. At the beginning of the game, you can choose your BMX bike, your rider and your stage where you will do your stunts. You are given a limited time to make your best and show epic stunts. And as you perform, collect power-ups to boost your performance and coins to get higher score. If you achieve your target score and completed your mission, new bikes, riders and stage will be unlocked.

BMX Freestyle (2)

To control your bike, use the arrow keys. Press the Letter C to make a jump. Press the Letter X to start a trick. Just make sure your bike land on its wheels else you will fail the level. BMX Freestyle is an addicting and challenging sports game. Only, you need to install Unity Web Player plugin to play the game.

BMX Freestyle (6)

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