Use the ring in Green Lantern Crimson Clash

If you are a fan of the Superfriends or the Justice League, Green Lantern will be very much familiar to you. And you will surely enjoy playing Green Lantern Crimson Clash. But even if you are not a fan, playing this game will still be enjoyable. The vicious red lanterns are attacking the Green Lantern. To take them down, use the power of Green Lantern’s ring.

Green Lantern  Crimson Clash

To control the direction of Green Lantern, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Use letter X key to attack or shoot at the enemy. Press spacebar to convert combo units to Green Lantern’s ring power. You can also press the letter Z key for a special attack if you have enough power. The Red Lanterns may be a bit stronger than the Green Lantern. But that does not mean a certain defeat. You, as Green Lantern, can surely win against the Red Lanterns.

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