Win first place in Duck Life 2

If you are looking for a game where you can spend your leisure time, and you are fond of teaching pets, then Duck Life 2 would be a perfect game for you. You will train your duckling in four main skills: running, flying, swimming and climbing. And all those hassles for racing and joining the World Championship.


In the first Duck Life, the farmer who lost his farm due to a tornado was left with only a duck egg. When the egg hatched, he thought of training the duckling for the purpose of joining races and tournaments. In case he wins, he will use the loots to reestablish his farm. He trained the duckling in three skills back then: running, flying and swimming. His perseverance paid off, he won more than the amount he needed for the reconstruction of his farm. But as racing is addicting, he did not stop right there. Join him in training a new duckling in Duck Life 2.

Start training your duckling and win races bagging the first place. In running, you will jump over rolling objects. In flying, you will have to avoid hitting into rocks. In swimming, you will have to get over obstacles and you should not be left off the screen. In climbing, try not to be caught on the ledges and do not fall off the screen. And in all these trainings, try to collect all the coins. In the Main Menu, you should also feed your duckling to increase energy level. There are two kinds of seeds: the yellow seed and the purple seed. The yellow seed will increase your energy level and costs one dollar. The purple seed increases your energy by three but costs fifteen dollars.

Take note that in Duck Life 2, you have a Max Level. This means it is the highest level you can attain in each skill no matter how much you train. To increase this, you will have to pay fifty dollars for a ten-point increase. However, no matter how much you have, there is a maximum increase you can buy. Bag the first place of each race to win not only cash and unlock accessories but also increase in Max Level purchases.

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